How Strada Customs is paving their own proverbial bike lane in NYC

There are so many bike lanes in the city of New York that perhaps sometimes they go unnoticed, just long-narrow paths of green and white paint that direct heavy bike traffic.  One New York company, who has been leaving a mark on bike lanes while creating an artistic buzz around their product, is Strada Customs™.  From the early spring breezes to the cool days of fall, more and more Strada bikes are popping up in the streets. Whether you ride like a pro or not, these bikes add appeal and a lot of SWAG while you stroll through the city.  Deeply rooted in the heart of Lower Manhattan, this bike company fuses mechanical ingenuity and unique color ways to make, what seems, like a piece of art.

So what sets Strada Customs’ bikes apart from the rest? Besides their creative touch on design, it is the experience that they want customers to value, the fact that you do not need to empty a bank account and drop a thousand dollars or two on a great bike.  Their prices and service make them even more appealing.  At the moment, Strada Customs operates within their offices, they do not have a store or an on-site location for their customers, yet they make every bicycle as personal as can be.  The “customs” aspect of their brand name is very important to remember.  Strada Customs allows you to create your own custom bike, fixed gear or freewheel.  You can use your own color ways on the handle bars, spokes, even on the wheels.  They charge $450 per unit, no sales tax and free shipping (yes, free) on a custom made bike; a rare deal.

The innovative style and the freedom that they encompass on the buyer are bar none.  They use a material called chromoly, specifically 4130 chromoly.  Why does this matter? Chromoly is a high carbon steel. Meaning it is stronger and you can design stronger yet lighter components with it.  This gives Strada an edge, their bikes practically feel weightless.  This material is used on airplanes and solar panels, so you know these guys are serious about the performance of their products as well as the style.  You won’t see these bicycles on sports headlines or on the windows of major bike shops; they are truly made to give a stylish alternative to a rather bland form of transportation.

Up next for Strada is a lieu of collaborations.  They have created enough local buzz to get the attention of local socialites such as Joel “Van” Fuller known to us as “40 oz Van.”  40 oz Van and Strada Customs teamed up to design a bike with custom lettering on the spokes, all in time for his t-shirt release party in the Lower East Side.  This collaboration created some more popularity for their brand, which announced that they will continue to collaborate with artists, personalities, and clothing brands just to name a few.

Although winter is upon us, I plan to be a return customer for Strada Customs after the snow melts.  If you’re looking for a ride or you’re serious about your bike swag, hit up Strada, you can catch me ridin’ clean in the streets of New York on a multi-colored custom.

Stay tuned.

For more information on Strada Customs visit their site:
Photo Credits: Strada Customs Staff

-Virgilio Mendez

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